18 September




Parallel workshops

Plan S panel

Panelists: Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (Chair) - Ghent University, Neil Jacobs - Coalition S, Vasco Vaz - FCT, Luke Drury - ALLEA, Koen Vermeir - GYA
Duration: 2 hrs
Arquivo Hall

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Services to support FAIR Data: Formulating recommendations for EOSC

Organisers & Speakers: Mustapha Mokrane - FAIRsFAIR, Daniel Bangert - RDA Europe, Emilie Hermans - OpenAIRE, René van Horik - EOSC-hub, Maaike de Jong - FREYA, Hylke Koers - FAIRsFAIR, Ian Duncan - Australian Research Data Commons: ARDC, Françoise Genova - Centre de Donnés Astronomiques de Strasbourg and EOSC FAIR WG, Odile Hologne - French Institute for Agricultural Research, EOSC RoP WG and FAIRsFAIR Champion, Rachael Kotarski - The British Library, EOSC FAIR WG and FREYA project, Tobias Weigel - DKRZ, EOSC Architecture WG and FAIRsFAIR champion

Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Ribeira I Hall

In the larger context of Open Science, the workshop will present and discuss a number of priorities and recommendations compiled in the report from previous two workshops and adding to previous work aimed at ensuring that services supporting research data are effectively providing a technical ecosystem for FAIR data. This workshop is aligned with two of the conference’s main topics and it will resonate with its broader expert audience. It will tackle one of the challenges it raises, namely the lack of embedded tools and services supporting Open Science.

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Towards an alliance of citizen science in Europe

Organisers & Speakers: Carlos Catalão - Ciência Viva, Gonçalo Praça - Ciência Viva, Maria Inês Vicente (convenor) - Plataforma de Ciência Aberta, Maria Fernanda Rollo - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Antónia Correia - University of Minho, Pedro Príncipe - University of Minho, Andrea Riccio - Sapienza, Marisa Borges - SisNet, Network of National Contact Points for Science with and for Society
Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Ribeira II Hall

National networks of citizen science projects are strengthening scientific citizenship in Europe in unprecedented ways. The main goal of this session is to bring these networks and stakeholders together to draw a strategic action plan for an alliance with a common European agenda.

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Coffee Break


Demo session

Chair: José Carvalho, University of Minho
Room: Arquivo Hall


Lunch Box


Closing session and keynote

Martha Whitehead
Vice President for the Harvard Library and University Librarian at Harvard University



Organising projects representatives
Chair: Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho
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