A Demonstration of Jisc's Sherpa Services

Frank Manista and Azhar Hussain - Jisc

As part of the ongoing effort and dedication to open access and open science, Jisc continues to develop and enhance many of its OA services. To that end, the Sherpa services have become some of the most mature and most valuable tools that users have at their fingertips, allowing them to look up and comply with things such as publisher and funder open access requirements. Over recent years, since Sherpa moved from a series of Jisc-funded projects housed at the University of Nottingham to a full set of Jisc services, much has been done to improve the code and the look of the services. To date, new versions of OpenDOAR and Sherpa/Juliet have been made available, and there is currently a new beta service of Sherpa/RoMEO with future iterations of Sherpa/FACT and Sherpa/REF coming out later this year and early next year.

During our session, we will do live demonstrations of each of the Sherpa services, allowing the audience to see how the enhancements have changed the look and feel of Sherpa. We’ve spent a great deal of time working on the user interface of the services, as well as the search categories, making Sherpa much more user friendly and easier to navigate. During the demonstration, we encourage participants to ask questions as we speak and offer comments and feedback about what they see. Since these services are available world-wide, we would be interested in particular how they can be continued to be improved to meet the needs and wants of a global community.


  • 18th September, 11:30 - Demo presentations (2 min.)
  • 18th September, 12:00 - Demo sessions (20 min. x 3)

See full programme here.

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