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Organising High Quality Research Data Management Services for Open Science

Organisers: Peter Wittenburg (RDA/ MPCDF), Daan Broeder (EUDAT/ Meertens Institute),  Ellen Leenarts (EUDAT/ DANS),  Maggie Hellstrom (ICOS/ ULUND),  Stefano Nativi (RDA/ CNR),  Rebecca Grant (RDA/ National Library of Irekland),  Simone Sacchi (RDA/EUDAT/LIBER)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Open science needs high quality data management where researchers can create, use and share data according to well defined standards and practices. this is one of the pillars of Open Science. In the data management landscape we find quite a few organisations that aim at achieving this, however to get it right, a collaboration is called for where all can play a suitable role and present this in a consistent way to the researcher.
The proposed workshop brings together representatives of standard organisation (RDA), eInfrastructures (EUDAT) and Libraries (LIBER) that together can organise the high quality data management for research.

Workshop abstract

Libraries and librarians are playing a pivotal role in enabling services and nurturing practices in support of a more open and transparent approach to research., one that is in line and contributes to the emerging European Open Science vision. In this context, libraries and librarians are increasingly called up on to help managing the ever increasing quantities of data produced by research groups and communities. Libraries are excellently positioned to advise e.g. university based research groups and individual users, but currently some libraries still lack long time experience and an existing e-infrastructure to help doing this. At the same time we have the experiences of a number of initiatives and e-infrastructure projects that have a long time experience working on data management services for research. This is augmented by a number of ‘accepted’ best-practices development that are valid cross-domain such as the FAIR data principles. The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is currently the main platform for discussion and breeding ground for data management best-practice development. The EUDAT initiative is currently providing general data management services rooted in principles developed or recommended by the RDA.
This workshop wants to discuss how RDA, EUDAT and LIBER can collaborate to provide high-quality data management to researchers. Next to presentations from RDA, EUDAT and LIBER staff, there will be an interactive discussion with references to relevant EUDAT services and RDA results.


Next to a number of presentations from RDA, EUDAT and LIBER staff, there will be presentations from research communities that have experience with RDA and EUDAT and also have a connection to research libraries. There will be references to relevant EUDAT services and RDA results. 


Workshop report


Data Scientists, Librarians, Community data managers, Researchers




See full programme here.

FAIR principles, data catalogues, metadata, interoperability