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Social Sciences and Humanities community building on training

Ellen Leenarts - DANS, Vasso Kalaitzi - LIBER and Irena Vipavc Brvar - ADP

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The overarching goal of SSHOC WP6 “Fostering Communities, Empowering Users & Building Expertise” is to broaden the SSHOC network of user communities and empower them to a greater level of expertise in utilizing the SSHOC services, tools, and data throughout the research lifecycle and according to the FAIR Principles.

With this poster our goal is to make sure that the SSHOC project and its activities in the area of community building and train-the-trainer activities are built upon existing frameworks and programmes. Also we would like to invite SSH members that are not SSHOC project partners to join us. Within the SSHOC project new services and tools will be build, including new training resources. We would like to exchange ideas on how to build a stronger SSH training community.