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The EOSC Portal: the access point to the EOSC

Ilaria Fava, Najla Rettberg - Göttingen State and University Library, Sara Garavelli - TRUST-IT and Jelena Angelis - eInfraCentral

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The EOSC Portal is a key element of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It represents a universal entry point to effective and efficient services, data and resources that researchers working in all fields of knowledge need to perform their science in a collaborative, open and cost-efficient way for the benefit of society and the public.
A key entry point to EOSC, the portal gathers and provides access to the existing vehicles and tools that make up the strong scientific base and investments in infrastructures in Europe, to drive a new, open science cloud forward available in the one place, across borders and scientific disciplines. Also, it aims at being inclusive for all of the stakeholders involved.
The EOSC portal provides access to all researchers from all domains allowing for transparency and lowering barriers to entry and puts into practice the European vision for Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World by bringing together services and resources such as computing, storage, data, publications and software from national and international research infrastructures organisations, collaborations and projects.
This poster will show how users can benefit from the EOSC portal in multiple ways: for example, by discovering and comparing multiple resources and services and getting access to them via a smooth authentication/authorisation process. It will highlight some examples from research communities who are using the services of the EOSC.
The EOSC Portal is all of this and much more, this poster will demonstrate how!
The poster will have a dedicated area "My wishlist" to collect further requirements for the portal. The conference participants will have the opportunity to write in this area what are the functionalities that they would like to see implemented in the portal in the future.