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Vietsch Foundation and the support of Open Science

Valentino Cavalli and LĂ­gia Maria Ribeiro - Vietsch Foundation

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Open Science is a key topic on the agenda of the European Commission and plays a leading role in science policies at national and international levels. In spite of an intensive research and development activity in recent years, including the development of various IT infrastructures and services to support and foster Open Science, much work still needs to be done to help solve common problems and push further Open Science successfully. The Vietsch Foundation can assist in this effort by providing funding for projects, both proposed by individual researchers and by organizations, whether European or international. In this poster we will present the Vietsch Foundation and its mission, show some of the projects already founded, in particular those that may play an important role for the progress of Open Science, and provide information to the conference participants about how to submit a proposal, and the eligibility criteria for project funding. In this poster, we will present the Vietsch Foundation, its mission and a few relevant projects which may play an important role for the progress of Open Science. The poster will also outline the mechanisms it provides for innovative projects. Our funding criteria are broad and we are open to support projects that support research from the infrastructure up to the user service level, however we regard Open Science as the way science (and research) should be carried out and we're looking forward to discussing with event's participants how our strategy concerning future funding could target Open Science more specifically.