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GDPR, Anonymized Data and Open Science

Manolis Terrovitis - Athena Research Center, Lorenzo Cristofaro - Panneta & Associati

Data describing personal information is the basis for scientific research in various fields. Collecting and processing personal data has been recently regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation for all EU citizens. Whereas GDPR might look restrictive, it also provides a clear path on how to safely manage personal information. A powerful technique for safely processing personal data is data anonymization. The data management community has proposed in the last years various techniques, like k-anonymity, differential privacy, that allow the sanitization of personal data in a way that re-linking an anonymized record to a natural person is infeasible.


  • 18th September, 11:30 - Demo presentations (2 min.)
  • 18th September, 12:00 - Demo sessions (20 min. x 3)

See full programme here.