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OpenDMP: a collaborative workspace for delivering DMPs

Georgios Kakaletris - Athena Research Center, Diamantis Tziotzios, Ioannis Kalyvas - CITE, Elli Papadopoulou - Athena Research Center and Maria Francesca Iozzi - Uninett

One of the pillars of Open Science is transparency regarding inputs, processes and outcomes of research. Among those is data utilized or produced in the course of scientific knowledge generation. Therefore, in the foundations of Open Science, lays the strategy of data management with (re)use, production, sharing and publication of data aiming to lift the barriers pertaining those actions. Regardless of being funded or non-funded research, or whether it refers to open or restricted access data, the clarity of the processes, instruments, and policies that govern the handling of those data, is essential for the scientific community in a domain, in their search for dependable data, for new research or validation of prior results and for stimulating interdisciplinary approaches in science. In this direction, Data Management Planning (DMP) is of utter importance, firstly for laying out the strategy and subsequently for validating and disseminating it to its audience. Although the data management planning process started from ad-hoc funder / institution directives, followed by unstructured descriptions of those policies and of the corresponding datasets, the scientific community now recognizes and embeds the DMP activity in research lifecycles. The demand, however, unravels the necessity for flexible and action-capable tools to deal with data management plans that enable research links and information contextualization while also steering compliance with the FAIR data concept. OpenDMP is the joint effort of OpenAIRE and EUDAT to deliver an open platform for Data Management Planning that addresses those needs and assumes no barriers for its use and adoption.


  • 18th September, 11:30
    • Demo presentations (2 min.)
    • Parallel Presentations (3 sessions x 20 min.)

See full programme here.