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Tobias Weigel

Short CV

Dr. Weigel has a background in geoinformatics and computer science and works at the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) in the area of e-infrastructures at European and international level.
An advocate of persistent identifiers, machine-interpretable metadata and reusable software components for data management, Dr. Weigel has a strong interest in building innovative solutions across domains, and harnessing computer science concepts to make work with research data more productive and open.

Dr. Weigel has been extensively involved in data infrastructure projects, both cross-domain (EUDAT, EOSC-hub) and Earth System science specific (ESGF, IS-ENES). In EUDAT, he was responsible for the B2HANDLE service, which provides identifiers for cross-service data management and reaps the benefits of an identifier graph across multiple EOSC services.

About Workshop

Title: Services to support FAIR Data: Formulating recommendations for EOSC


18th September, 09:00

See full programme here.