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RDA-pt The Portuguese node of the Research Data Alliance

Organisers & Speakers: Cristina Ribeiro - INESC TEC, University of Porto, Maria Manuel Borges - University of Coimbra, Irene Rodrigues - University of Évora, José Borbinha - Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, João Miranda - Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Pedro Moura Ferreira - ICS, University of Lisbon, Eloy Rodrigues - University of Minho, Francisco Barbedo - DGLAB, Torre do Tombo, Ingrid Dillo - DANS, RDA Council Co-chair, Françoise Genova - CNRS, RDA in France, Gina Pavone - ISTI/CNR, RDA in Italy, Kerstin Helbig - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, RDA in Germany, Mareike Buss - Copenhagen Business School, RDA in Denmark, Daniel Bangert - UGOE, RDA-4, Eva Mendéz - UC3M, RDA Ambassador, João Mendes Moreira - FCCN, Portuguese liaison in EOSC projects, Nuno Rodrigues - Member of the Board of FCT, the Portuguese Funding Agency
Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Miragaia Hall

The workshop is aimed at disseminating RDA and the RDA-pt node in the Portuguese community, taking advantage of the visibility of the Open Science FAIR.

Workshop abstract

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international organization that aims to build technical and social bridges for data sharing. In its vision data is shared freely across technologies, disciplines and countries, to respond to the challenges of society. RDA Europe, the European component of the global RDA, is promoting a network of national nodes through calls that require the definition of goals and plans for each node. The RDA-pt node is supported by RDA Europe from February 15, 2019 to May 31, 2020 as an agile structure for the promotion of the RDA in Portugal.
The RDA-pt workshop starts with an introduction to the goals of the RDA and its organization, namely the Interest Groups and Working Groups where RDA activities are developed. This goes further into the RDA recommendations and outputs, and the ongoing work on sustainability. Members of the RDA-pt board will then present the node workplan and describe briefly the activities already performed and their results.
Participants from the RDA-4 national nodes will provide short testimonies on their own activities, highlighting the diversity of outreach actions and the degrees of maturity of the nodes. The workshop will take advantage of the presence of Ilaria Fava, project officer for RDA-4, who will provide details on open calls within the project. Eva Mendez, an RDA ambassador, will contribute with her vision on the organisation.
The final part of the workshop focuses on the liaison between RDA and EOSC and the sustainability plans of the Portuguese node. It will have the participation of João Moreira, from FCCN, and Nuno Rodrigues, from the Board of FCT (Portuguese funding agency).

target audience

The workshop is aimed at disseminating RDA and the RDA-pt node in the Portuguese community, taking advantage of the visibility of the Open Science FAIR. Conversely, the workshop is expected to increase the Portuguese participation in the Open Science FAIR, attracting participants who are looking for solutions at national level, combined with the international perspective of the OSF.


  • Overview of the global RDA (20 minutes, Ingrid Dillo): vision. mission, community, interest groups and working groups, recommendations.
  • RDA-pt goals and activities (20 minutes, Cristina Ribeiro, Irene Rodrigues): ongoing and planned activities for the Portuguese national node; node performance indicators.
  • RDA Europe and the national nodes (30 minutes): the experience of some national nodes: France, Italy, Germany, Denmark.
    [Presentation: Germany]
  • RDA Europe 4.0 grants (10 minutes, Daniel Bangert) Early Career Researchers and Experts, Adoption Grants.
  • The role of RDA Ambassadors (10 minutes, Eva Méndez).
  • RDA-pt and the EOSC (10 minutes, João Moreira).
  • RDA-pt sustainability and the National Funding Agency (10 minutes, FCT).
  • Discussion: opportunities for RDA in Portugal.



16th September, 14:00

See full programme here.