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The Journey to EOSC - preparing at national level

Organisers & Speakers: Najla Rettberg - UGOE, OpenAIRE, Iryna Kuchma - EIFL, OpenAIRE, Annabel Grant - GEANT, Daniel Bangert - UGOE, RDA Europe, Elli Papadopoulou - Athena Research Center, OpenAIRE, Lene Krøl Andersen - EOSC Nordic, Ron Dekker - CESSDA ERIC
Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Arquivo Hall

The main aim of this workshop is to share and showcase good practices and examples of how national initiatives are working setting up procedures for supporting EOSC, in particular towards some of the themes of the EOSC Working Groups (Architecture, Rules of Participation and Landscape).

Workshop abstract

Are you establishing and integrating EOSC activities within your country? Do you need more support and opportunities to swap experiences on how embark on an EOSC action plan and how to reach out effectively to research communities about EOSC services? EOSC is gathering a huge momentum, and how this new research support network is established at national level is now at a critical stage, aspects of which are ongoing at a variety of implementation levels in some member states. While activities are different in each country, they could benefit from and be supported by alignment and good practice exchange. This workshop initiated by OpenAIRE, EOSC hub, and RDA-Europe will explore, with the support of the recently funded project, two areas of implementing EOSC at national level: Establishing national action plans and working with research groups and libraries to raise awareness about EOSC.
In particular the workshop will touch on how to set up national action plans, set priorities especially at governance level, how to establish coordinated commitment from key stakeholders and to develop value added support and commitments for local infrastructure within the EOSC vision. Another aspect will be that of serving local research groups and how to target specific EOSC services to them, which is a challenging part of EOSC implementation.
This session will be structured in a way that will showcase regional examples of EOSC implementation and good practice. The breakout sessions will be grouped at a regional level in order to identify common threads. This workshop will also provide a perfect setting to meet and network with national counterparts and help prepare and pave the way to set up EOSC and a better understanding of how EOSC works at the national level.

target audience

Policy makers and funders, research support staff, EGI Nodes, NRENs, OpenAIRE NOADs, RDA Europe Nodes, researchers, research infrastructures and research communities, EOSC EINFRA

Learning outcomes

Co-develop structured feedback to the EOSC Working Groups from national recommendations for national players within and providers of EOSC on how to work together and how to write national EOSC action plans.
Better understanding of the EOSC national landscape.


  • Introduction | Najla Rettberg | 5 mins
  • Introduction to the EOSC WGs and the Gap analysis survey | EOSC Secretariat - Annabel Grant | 15 mins [Presentation]
  • ‘Gap analysis from regional, national and thematic perspectives’  | 50 mins
  • Breakout Groups | 40 mins
    • How to do EOSC at national level?
      Do you have national coordination?
      Do you have issues and barriers?
      Leaders: Iryna, Annabel, Ron, Elli, Daniel , Gwen, Biljana
  • Summary | 10mins


17th September, 11:00

See full programme here.