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Theatrical workshop: Are you ready to perform in the RRI ecosystem?

Organisers: NUCLEUS H2020 EU project, represented by SCIENCE VIEW (Alexandros Koukovinis & Menelaos Sotiriou)
Duration: 1.5 hours

This workshop highlights the concept of a Support and Coordination H2020 action, namely NUCLEUS, which is targeted on Responsible Research and Innovation. It is aligned with the overall objective of the OSFair conference, answering to the impact of open science/novel ways of disseminating science.
What NUCLEUS project introduces, is that based on a common understanding that science and innovation are driving forces of sustainable and inclusive societies around the world, it will develop new cultural and organisational approaches allowing universities to better respond and react to societal needs and challenges. To pursue this goal NUCLEUS will develop, support and implement inclusive and sustainable approaches to “Responsible Research and Innovation” (RRI) within the governance and culture of European universities and research organisations.
A wide scale implementation roadmap and a future of science with and for the society will be presented in the most engaging way.

 Workshop abstract


a) Exercise different ways of collaboration, when it comes to understand how Responsible Research and Innovation is communicated and performed.
b) Learn techniques that come from the theatrical field to facilitate dialogues and encounters between different stakeholders.


RRI is everywhere, but what does it really mean to be embedded in a living environment of diverse interests and expectations? How will you relate to demanding stakeholders around you, ranging from academia to economy, from civil society to policy makers or media?
The session will collaboratively create a dynamic role-play, involving you into a mutual learning process. The stage and storyline will be based on the NUCLEUS project- defining universities as “cells”, living organisms forming clusters with other cells around them. Each participant will personify these “cells”, striving to create a productive metabolism between the main cell universities and other cells forming a cluster. We will use cards and other methodologies to start conversations about the ways to be a better “cell”-cluster. Participants will have better chances to discover their best collaborative ways, thanks to a new understanding of some of the mechanisms that happen in real life while bringing RRI into practice.

Target audience 

Universities representatives, Public engagement representatives, Public policy representatives, Civil society representatives, Media representatives as well as Economy representatives.


1.  Welcoming words and presentation of each participant

2.  Warm Up Exercise How can we form a team? How can we work together?

3.  Short presentation of the NUCLEUS Project. Introduction to NUCLEUS Cells

-What is RRI?
-What is the need for our approach?
-Why do we relate to cells?
-What do we strive to achieve? 
Explanation of our Cells (providing exact “definitions”)

4.  Clustering Activity

What are the barriers that we face in working together? How the lack of cooperation impacts upon society? How can we overcome those barriers?

5.  The Cell Conference - Performance Chapters

-Breaking down in cells 
-Need for RRI
-Barriers and impact upon society
-Cooperation strategy
-Orchestration of unity

Workshop Overview

Workshop report



Day 1 - 17.30

See full programme here.

Open Science, Scholarly Communication, RRI, engagement, communication, research communication