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lightning talk

Best practices for online training

Sept 23, 14.30 CEST

Trainers, researchers, EOSC, research data managers

Assessment frameworks for trainers and researchers, Competence centers: models, integration and coordination, Skills within the wider research context, Sustaining open science training: people, resources, governance

train-the-trainer, best practices, open science, EOSC, FAIR

EOSC Synergy offers a wide range of practical tools for the research community and trainers. It is the goal of the project team to contribute to sustaining open science practices and strengthening skills for better science. The objective of the lightning talk is to showcase the training materials and resources and inspire trainers to use them for their training activities.

In line with the above, the lightning talk will give a preview of the train-the-trainer online course developed to support trainers in creating online teaching and learning materials using best practices following EOSC Synergy’s assurance guidelines. Topics, such as online learning design, learning activities, content format, delivery and tools are covered in the course and will be briefly introduced during the talk.

The second demonstration will include an introductory online course on Open Science, EOSC and research data management. This course was developed as an example material, and it can be reused for training purposes. The distinctive advantage of the course is showcasing the practical benefits of the European Open Science Cloud and related initiatives. 

EOSC Synergy has the goal to expand the capacity and capabilities of EOSC by leveraging the experience, effort and resources of national publicly-funded digital infrastructures. In particular it develops a new channel to support the build up of EOSC human capabilities. Training and skills makes part of the project’s broader work towards achieving the main goal.


Linas Cepinskas, DANS
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Helen Clare, Jisc
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