Insights into the Economy of Open Scholarship: A Collection of Interviews

Gwen Franck and Melanie Imming - on behalf of Knowledge Exchange

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Following the report “Knowledge Exchange Approach to Open Scholarship” and in line with the recommendations resulting from the workshop “Moving from Ambition to Reality”, Knowledge Exchange are working on two interconnected activities dedicated to the Economy of Open Scholarship; one conceptual, one practical.
The practical activity - “Insights into the Economy of Open Scholarship: A Collection of Interviews” - has collected examples, which illustrate how pioneering initiatives set up and operate new or alternative business models in the area of Open Scholarship.
For this purpose, the author has collected use cases based on extensive interviews conducted with ten stakeholders. Interviewees are part of organisations, businesses or institutions offering or working with one or more open scholarship related services and tools. The aim of this practical investigation is to inform and inspire a transition to Open Scholarship. The collection displays how pioneers and early adopters of openness pave the way for unhindered access to research outputs in relation to research community needs and practices.
The poster displays a selection of take-home messages and quotes from the interviews, intended to tease the audience to discover the full set of interviews.

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