NI4OS-Europe: Building National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe

Ognjen Prnjat - Greek Research and Technology Network, Eleni Toli, Electra Sifacaki, Elli Papadopoulou - Athena Research Center and Edit Görögh - Debreceni Egyetem

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Latest European developments in the area of Responsible Research and Innovation emphasize on open practices with remarkable achievements being, among other things, policy reformations and regulation updates towards the free-flow, access and re-use of public data, research data and other scientific outputs (e.g. Open Data and PSI Directive, General Data Protection Regulation, Recommendation on access to and preservation of scientific information) as well as the realisation of a common platform for Open Science which enables their exploitation, namely the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). National response to these developments is driven by many indicators, materials and intangible assets, including socio-economic factors largely varying from country to country, thus influencing implementation pace of given national open research ecosystems.
Additionally, the need for wider representation of academic and research stakeholders, including scientists, from the Balkans area is recognised, calling for synergies and priorities to be set accordingly, also in light of the EOSC.
As part of the EOSC-5b projects supporting the EOSC Governance, National Infrastructures for Open Science Europe (NI4OS-Europe) focuses on the South East European area to foster cooperation with key stakeholders and initiatives, nationally and regionally, aiming to enhance coordination of activities, achieve an effective communication and harmonise practices in compliance with the EOSC, both at a technical/ operational (FAIR data, interoperability of services, etc), and at a strategic (RDM and Open Science policies, sustainability, etc) level. 
In building those national Open Science Cloud initiatives, NI4OS-Europe will work closely with projects that have demonstrated experience in the areas it aims to tackle, such as the OpenAIRE National Open Access Desks (NOADs), the Research Data Alliance (RDA) National Nodes, National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs) and other EOSC-oriented projects.

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