OpenAIRE Helpdesk: supporting and guiding you to best practices in Open Science

Pedro Príncipe, André Vieira, Paula Moura - University of Minho, Najla Rettberg and Ilaria Fava - University of Goettingen

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The support and training activities carried out by OpenAIRE are based upon a body of helpdesk resources, developed to build a more comprehensive Open Science (OS) helpdesk service across Europe, aiming at leveraging a distributed set of expertise at national level and facilitating member state participation.
These activities have a multistakeholder approach providing support for OS policies compliance (researchers, research managers, project coordinator, funders), and also guidance and support for data providers, especially based on the next generation of Open Access (OA) platforms developments. OpenAIRE aims to strengthen the training capacity, by providing engaging and outcome oriented materials, to ensure that research and e-infrastructures support OS more effectively. New interactive training resources are being developed and also a training program is being put into practice, via online and face-to-face training activities (workshops, webinars and online courses), and focused on training trainers and other multipliers.
The OpenAIRE OS helpdesk is a service that covers all OS publishing issues, developed through an integrated approach with all OpenAIRE stakeholders, contributing an effective Support system. The main goal of the OS helpdesk is to run a distributed and multifaceted support system, to assist the OpenAIRE stakeholders, in all matters related to OS.
With the presentation of this poster we intend to showcase the different features of our service, as well as its training activities portfolio and its adaptability according every stakeholder's to needs.

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