OpenAIRE Monitor Dashboard: an added value service for Funders and Research Initiatives

Angelica Vos, Natalia Manola - Athena Research Center, Ilaria Fava - Göttingen State and University Library, Pedro Príncipe and André Vieira - University of Minho

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In today’s digital society we are facing an ever-increasing flow of data, the need for measuring and evaluating them is more than necessary for every organization. An increased number of managers are seeking ways to tame this “information overload” by understanding their organization’s processes and data (where to start, what the clients’ needs are, how long it will take to implement and see any benefit). The solution to this problem relies on using the proper business intelligence (BI) tools / platforms, making the flow of data manageable.
Such a BI platform is the OpenAIRE Monitor that is designed to help funders and research Initiatives to track, analyze, monitor and document their research data. It is a free-of-use, user-centric service that provides access to reliable and advanced research analytics in real-time.
At present time, OpenAIRE Monitor hosts the Funder and Research Initiative Dashboards in which an overview of scholarly output is given and stakeholder’s outcomes are reported, enabling visibility to all. In parallel, the OpenAIRE consortium carries out work to prototype Institutional and Project Monitoring Dashboards.
So far twenty two (22) funders have joined and published their results in OpenAIRE, six (6) in the second semester of 2018 and one (1) in the first quarter of 2019 via the NOADs outreach, and a few more on the way. The OpenAIRE Funder Monitor Dashboard has incorporated new statistical reports and visualizations, considering the developments in the Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD) Open Science Monitor, the EOSC pilot Open Science Monitor activity and the collaboration with the DG-RTD policy office (who are requesting specific reports).
The poster places a pin of interest on how the OpenAIRE Monitor characteristics (real-time and on demand KIPs visualization, curated data, private view -as a short-term goal feature) can benefit all the European citizens.

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