OpenAIRE: the Open Science Pillar of the EOSC

Ilaria Fava and Najla Rettberg - Göttingen State and University Library

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Since 2009, OpenAIRE has been serving research communities around Europe by facilitating the compliance to the EC’s mandates on Open Access and Open Science. With more than 27 mi publications (and 1 mi research data and 94k software) available through its portal and APIs, OpenAIRE is an essential resource in the Open Science landscape providing access and research sharing and building advanced services on top of the data collected in the OpenAIRE infrastructure. Our current efforts are focused on repackaging and enhancing OpenAIRE’ services via a set of dashboards, each of them serving specific stakeholders (Content Providers, Research Communities, Research Funders and Institutions) and having the goal to include Open Science in the workflows of research. These services deliver a rich array of open scholarly outputs, from publication to institution and project information; OpenAIRE also offers enriched information, that includes linking to contextual objects including research data and software, and is empowered by OpenAIRE’s vast open science graph which includes millions of research objects.
OpenAIRE is one of the key pillars in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), representing the “O” in this context. In fact, through the network of National Open Access Desks all over the European+ countries, OpenAIRE contributes to the implementation and alignment of policies on and for Open Science in Europe and beyond and connects Open Science in Europe and all over the world.
Means of shaping Open Science in the framework of the EOSC also pass through the training activities OpenAIRE organises periodically on various topics, from the basics about the compliance to EC’s mandates on Open Access and Open Science to those on Data Management and related legal issues to the technical ones on how to become an OpenAIRE content provider and use the available services.

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