Reshaping the Australian national eResearch infrastructure environment - putting FAIR first

Ian Duncan - ARDC

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The Australian Research Data Commons identifies “Storage and Compute: Providing foundation infrastructure” as a strategic theme and has funded a number of investigative activities to identify issues, needs, gaps and requirements within the Infrastructure and Services Portfolio. The outputs of these relatively short “discovery” activities will be used as the basis of national infrastructure summit to be held in Q3 of 2019 and will inform our long-term infrastructure and services initiatives.

Projects have been initiated that look at what infrastructures and infrastructure developments, including data storage and compute, are needed to:

An accessible, flexible, sustainable, and measurable underpinning infrastructure environment leveraging international initiatives (including PID's) enables FAIR data, repositories, platforms, and tools.

This poster will provide an outline of the priorities identified and strategies proposed in an Australian (and international) context, outlining the proposed paths to transition to a sustainable and impactful storage and compute environment.