18th September




Parallel Panel Sessions

Plan S panel

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Application of RRI and Open Science in Public Service: bridging the gap between society and policy and decision makers

Organizers: Gonçalo Praça - Ciência Viva, Marília Cunha and Olga Glumac - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação - SPI
Duration: 2 hrs

The workshop will provide tools on how to better approach, engage and integrate society in solving local challenges by using design-led and co-creation methodologies (closely linked to the open science and open innovation for whose solution is important to practice RRI). Taking this into account, the workshop will be particularly relevant for policymakers, and research administrators who work with design and co-creation processes and are responsible for the public engagement at their institutions. It will propose methodologies for tackling local challenges together with its citizens.

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Services to support FAIR Data – Formulating recommendations for EOSC

Organizers: Mustapha Mokrane - FAIRsFAIR, Daniel Bangert - RDA Europe, Emilie Hermans - OpenAIRE, René van Horik - EOSC-hub, Maaike de Jong - FREYA
Duration: 2 hrs

In the larger context of Open Science, the workshop will present and discuss a number of priorities and recommendations compiled in the report from previous two workshops and adding to previous work aimed at ensuring that services supporting research data are effectively providing a technical ecosystem for FAIR data. This workshop is aligned with two of the conference’s main topics and it will resonate with its broader expert audience. It will tackle one of the challenges it raises, namely the lack of embedded tools and services supporting Open Science.

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Final Keynotes

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