Increasing Research Transparency Using the Open Science Framework

Organisers: Rusty Speidel - Center for Open Science
Duration: 1 hour
Part of the challenge with making research more open and transparent is purely logistical. Where and how can the research be stored, organized, and shared most effectively when there are so many different tools, processes and policies in place? The OSF provides an open source, structured environment where researchers from all over the world, using their own tools and processes, can collaborate openly, transparently, and effectively.

 Workshop abstract

The Open Science Framework (OSF) provides free and open source project management support for researchers across the entire research lifecycle. As a collaboration tool, the OSF helps researchers work on projects privately with a limited number of collaborators and make parts of their projects public, or make all the project publicly accessible for broader dissemination. As a workflow system, the OSF enables connections to the many services researchers already use to streamline their process and increase efficiency. As a flexible repository, it can store and archive research data, protocols, and materials.

Training overview

Training report

Target audience 

Researchers, department chairs, societies, publishers.


  • Overview of the challenges confronting researchers
  • Overview of Center for Open Science and our work
  • Overview of the OSF and how it can be used to begin addressing challenges
  • Some examples
  • Q & A.

Jennifer Freeman Smith, Center for Open Science | Increasing Research Transparency using the Open Science Framework



See full programme here.

Open Science, repositories, reproducibility, transparency

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