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Lightning talk

Creating Legal Issues Knowledge Hub for opening research data - Gdansk University of Technology Library's approach.

Sept 22, 11.30 CEST

Researchers, research communities, repository managers, publishers and content providers, libraries, research administrators

Interdisciplinary collaborations: Networks, services, methods Sharing best practices and knowledge, Legal aspects of open science; GDPR and IPR exploitation

Legal issues, data sharing, open research data

Drawing on the legal issues problems and queries expressed by scholars during writing a Data Management Plans (DMP) and uploading research data in an open data repository (The Bridge of Data), this study aims to describe the process of creating Legal Issues Knowledge Hub at the Gdańsk University of Technology Library that will be available at the beginning of 2022. The misunderstanding of legal issues or information gap during Research Data Management (RDM) activities causes tensions and discouragement within academic staff, data stewards and librarian who often are on advising position.

One of the most common activities for scholars is choosing which license (if any) they are supposed to use to disseminate the datasets and code. However, in many cases, resolving the proper license for research data is not enough. On the other hand, many legal doubts are related to the specific scientific discipline and cannot be generalized. Academic staff faces many tensions with a lack of clarity around legal requirements and obstacles, especially due to changes constantly occurred in this area. The increasing researchers' need for understanding and describing conflicting issues (e.g. patenting) results in looking for professional and knowledgeable support at the university.

We resolved to use thematic analysis approach to analysis 75 case studies collected from the researchers represented by several scientific disciplines from three Pomeranian universities. Several dozen legal problems were identified and divided according to the scientific discipline (e.g. chemistry, architecture, economics) and general ones (occurred within all scientific fields).

By analyzing collected data, we enhance our knowledge of legal difficulties in the context of sharing and disseminating research findings (data). Developing the Legal Issues Knowledge Hub will provide scholars with conditions and information to open their research data legally.


Magdalena Szuflita-Zurawska, Gdansk University Library
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Anna Wałek, Gdansk University of Technology Library
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