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Lightning talk

Fostering Institutional Collaboration through Disciplinary Open Research Data Repositories project.

Sept 22, 11.30 CEST

Research Infrastructures and research communities, repository managers, publishers and content providers, libraries, research administrators, service providers and innovators, EOSC

Interdisciplinary collaborations: Networks, services, methods
Training and skills for open science

research data infrastructure, institutional collaboration, RDM training

The talk will explain the role, activities, and context of the Disciplinary Open Research Data Repositories project run in Poland by the University of Warsaw and its partners. It will focus on the research data infrastructure elements that foster collaboration with other organisations and support the uptake of research data management & FAIR practice within universities and scientific institutes.

The talk will cover the partnership within the Disciplinary Open Research Data Repositories project that aims to develop disciplinary repositories (Macromolecular Xtallography Raw Data Repository MX-RDR and Social Data Repository RDS) as well as agreements with various research performing organisations interested in setting up institutional collections in the generalist Repository for Open Data RepOD.

Key aspects of institutional collaboration will be discussed, such as sharing best practices and knowledge, addressing legal aspects of open science and setting the research data infrastructure mission in the broader research context. Taking into consideration the project aims – improving the quality of the data and metadata and facilitating better use of scientific resources, among others – the talk will also highlight the progress towards sustainable data sharing that can be achieved by increasing the uptake of available services.

The talk will also take into account the situation in Poland: the ongoing development of data management policies. During the implementation of the project (2018-2021) significant changes in the research context occurred as the main funding agency in Poland, National Science Centre, introduced open science policy and mandatory research data management plans. Also, an increasing number of research organizations adopted open access policies.  The motivation for the talk is to share experiences in the development of research data infrastructure and to discuss a framework for building a sustainable collaboration model.


Natalia Gruenpeter, Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling - University of Warsaw, Open Science Platform
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