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Lightning talk

Open Science as transversal axis of the research management in MLIC universities

  • 26 September 2023 |
  • 16:00 |
  • Session 2 |
  • Auditorium 200

One of the main problems for the higher education institution in the promotion of the practice of Open Science (OS) is the limitations of resources to cover all the areas of OS. This lightning talk main motivation is to share the experience of Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica presenting how the Vice-rectory for Research assume this challenge integrating the Institutional Open Science Strategy as a transversal axis of the Research System.

The first step was to assess the maturity of the Institution to start the path of Open Science. A strategy of OS was designed prioritizing seven areas, namely: Open Access, Open Research Data, OS technological tools, OS Evaluation, Open Innovation, Citizen Science, OS declarations and guidelines. Then the issue of incorporating this strategy to the Research System was addressed. This System is part of the Quality Management System of the University, and its design includes six processes. Initially, it was thought of incorporating the open science promotion as one of the subprocesses of the System but during it construction we realized that the implementation of open science is not the prerogative of a process, and that the OS Strategy is wider than a subprocess. The decision was made to consider the management and promotion of OS an axis of dynamization of the System.

This implied the capacity building in the academic team that works in the Vice-rectory and the dialogue with other important actors involved in the research area of the Institution. Presently, the implementation of the Open Science Strategy is present in the actions and responsibilities of each of the System processes.

We believe that sharing this experience can support institutions with few resources to trace an implementation path of open science practice.


Gabriela Pino-Chacón

Gabriela Pino Chacón is an academic advisor for research at the Research Vice-Rerectory and professor at the International Relations School (ERI) at Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica. She has a background in Sociology, in Latin American Studies and a doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Pedagogical Mediation. Her experience in the Vicerectory includes the research management in higher education, the promotion of open science, data management and quality of research. At UNA, she is part of the coordinating team of the Indigenous People Plan and of the Institutional Commission for the promotion of Open Science. As professor in ERI, she has experience in university social responsibility projects, Central American regional integration and is member of the Final Project Commission.