Open Access models and platforms

Organisers: OpenAIRE
Duration: 3 hrs.

What are the emerging models of Open Access for publications? Who should be involved? How are costs distributed over the stakeholders involved? How can OA platforms innovate further to embrace Open Science? This workshop will discuss and showcase the range of models available, including their costs and organisational aspects, to discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses in different academic contexts.

Workshop abstract

The transition to Open Access has created a unique moment for the examination of new models and platforms for the dissemination of scholarly outputs. Public infrastructures are being linked in novel ways. The COAR Next-Generation Repositories Working Group are developing new ways to position repositories as the foundation for a distributed, globally networked infrastructure for scholarly communication. Besides green OA, different paths to OA are being pursued, some of which are based on consortial or co-operative models, including the Open Library of Humanities, which operates under the principles of Fair OA in combination with consortial library funding. More recently, there have been calls for a modular European Open Access Platform for research to be built upon public infrastructure.

At the same time as these consortial models arise, new platforms are emerging that re-envision “publication” in the digital era, encompassing ever greater strands of the research lifecycle and incorporating new levels of inclusivity and transparency in research dissemination and assessment. F1000 has begun to offer its publishing platform as a service for funders and research infrastructures to host their own OA platforms. Paperhive is extending the concept of peer review beyond publication and offering modular services for university presses and repositories. Frontiers are making strides in increasing research impact through public outreach, including to children. Rio journal aims to disseminate research from its ideas to its outcomes.


Session 1 (11:30 – 13:00): Cooperative and consortial models for OA publishing

Session 2 (14:00 – 15:30): Next generation scholarly publishing platforms

Workshop overview

Open Access Models Platforms - report



Researchers; policy makers; funders; publishers; learned societies


DAY 1 - PARALLEL SESSION 1 (11:30) & 2 (14:00)

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Peer review, open access publishing model, open access to publications, open access publishing platform

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