Open Science as a Service: tools for research communities

Organisers: Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE/OpenAIRE-Connect
Duration: 1.5 hrs.
The aim of this workshop is to work with research communities especially interested/relevant to open science publishing paradigms: publishing of literature, datasets, methods, and experiments for reproducibility and transparent assessment of science. This will be an interactive session with communities presenting their requirements and current tooling to identify overlaps, better and cost-effective solutions.

Workshop abstract

"Dear Help-desk, 

I recently met the Open Science partner of my dreams. She is a great woman, progressive and clever, with a fair and ethical vision of transparency and reproducibility. Should I invite her over? Give her a wonderful scientific evening of research chat? However, for the first time in years, I am feeling a little frightened, unsettled. She won’t be that impressed by my collection of scientific papers. My house is a mess reflecting my old-fashioned lifestyle: research data all over the place, workflows in the trash bin, software stocked up in the cellar, and worst of all, those papers in the shelves, with no clue of how to reproduce the stories they tell. I even asked my colleagues, but it seems we all share the very same problem! We would really like to make our science transparent and reproducible but we do not know exactly how. We cannot do it by ourselves, we need to do it together, as a community. We, therefore, need common rules, policies, and tools, but these imply organisational, development, and operational cost that we cannot sustain. I need to sort out my research before she comes over! Help! Any advice would be welcome. Thank you very much.

Anonymous madly in-love scientist."

The OpenAIRE help-desk has received several messages from our beloved scientists, sharing this common feeling of love, fear, and frustration about Open Science. This training session (aka therapy group) is intended for scientists of communities willing to share with others their potential and challenges in adhering to Open Science publishing principles and to verify to which extent these challenges can be tackled by means of the services in support of OpenScience developed by OpenAIRE. 

The session will be structured as follows:

  • Brief introduction to open science publishing paradigms: publishing of literature, datasets, methods, and experiments for reproducibility and transparent assessment of science
  • Ask scientists to briefly present their context and tooling: what they have & what they want to have
  • OpenAIRE to present OpenScience as-a-Service concept and services under development in the OpenAIRE-Connect project
  • Plenary discussion and brainstorming 

Target audience 

Research communities, Research Infrastructures
Open Science Publishing Challenges
10'   Open Science Publishing Challenges  

Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE technical manager, ISTI-CNR (IT)

Community perspectives
10'   A Structural Biology view of Open Science    Chris Morris, STFC (UK)
10'   An Ecology and Evolution view of Open Science    Antica Culina, KNAW (NL)
10'   The ELIXIR view of Open Science   Thanasis Vergoulis, Athena Research and Innovation Centre (GR) 
OpenAIRE-Connect Services for Open Science as-a-Service  
15'   Research Community Dashboard    Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE technical manager, ISTI-CNR (IT)
15'   Catch-All Broker Service  

Alessia Bardi - OpenAIRE

Open Discussion   

Workshop overview

Open Science as a service tools for research communities report



See full programme here.


publishing workflows, Open access publishing tools, repositories, research artefacts, linked open science

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