Biomedical Publication Finder: a research analytics system for open access publication in life sciences

Authors & Affiliation

Thanasis Vergoulis, Ilias Kanellos, Maria Krommyda, Nikos Bikakis and Theodore Dalamagas - IMIS Athena RC


The research output in all scientific fields is rapidly growing, consisting of millions of published articles. Additionally, it has been shown that a large portion of these articles contains low quality research and errors. As a result, identifying the most important articles which are relevant to a subject of interest is a non-trivial, tedious task. In this work, we present the Biologica Publication finder, a tool that assists the discovery of qualitative open-access publications in the field of life sciences. This tool supports ranking and comparing scientific articles based on their popularity and influence and it provides useful additional features like intuitive infographics and article bookmarking. The system is freely available at

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