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September 20 - 23, 2021

Fostering local and global open science communities

Open Science FAIR

Sept. 13-17, 2021

Fostering local and global open science communities


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Open Science Fair 2021

Join us for the 3rd Open Science FAIR Conference, an international event for all topics related to Open Science


Open science (also referred to as open scholarship) is at a crossroads. Implementation and adoption are progressing, with researchers, research institutions, funding agencies, service providers and infrastructures all engaging at various levels. However, different models are emerging which produce a seemingly fragmented ecosystem and achieve small steps on top of traditional scholarly communication system. In order to enable international and interdisciplinary research, we need to ensure interoperability across communities and services while still maintaining our ability to support diversity of workflows and knowledge systems.


OSFair2021 is organized as an emblematic initiative of OpenAIRE, co-organized by key international initiatives in the area of Open Science: COAR, EIFL, Force11, LA Referencia, LIBER, OPERAS, Sparc, Sparc Europe.


OS Fair 2021 aims to bring together and empower open science communities and services; to identify common practices related to open science; to see what are the best synergies to deliver and operate services that work for many; and to bring experiences from all around the world and learn from each other

Conference topics

Interdisciplinary collaborations: Networks, services, methods
Sharing best practices and knowledge
Legal aspects of open science; GDPR and IPR exploitation
Responsible metrics and research assessment
Interoperability across domains and services 
RDM best practices
Sustaining Open infrastructures, services and tools for research communities
Collaborative platforms for all research artifacts
Innovations in publishing and research dissemination
Collective funding models for open infrastructures and services
Value added data products/services from open science
Research analytics and visualizations
Text and data mining for/from research
Open metrics infrastructures: how to combine, what is next?
Training and skills for open science
Sustaining open science training: people, resources, governance
Skills within the wider research context
Assessment frameworks for trainers and researchers
Competence centers: models, integration and coordination
European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and FAIR data
FAIR data policy and practice: from theory to implementation
National EOSC initiatives
Thematic Clouds
Rules of Participation in EOSC
Citizen science: barriers and opportunities for collaboration
Local and global collaborations: people and networks
Citizen science open science practices and policies
Infrastructures and services for citizen science




Workshops | Lightning talks | Demos
Submissions deadline: July 26, 2021 Aug 2, 2021
Notification of acceptance / rejection: Aug 27, 2021

  • Expected Outcome

    The conference will include keynotes by distinguished speakers, roundtable discussions, workshops and training sessions, as well as a demo session. It will bring together perspectives from different actors and will suggest ways on how communities can work together to produce roadmaps for the implementation of Open Science.

  • Targeted audience

    Research communities and infrastructures, libraries, repository managers, content providers, service providers research administrators and facilitators of research, learned societies, publishers, policy makers and funders, citizen science groups and initiatives, innovators in scholarly communication.

Meet our speakers

OSFair will host key scientists, policy makers and science stakeholders from around the world who will provide inspirational views on how open data and open science influences all aspects of life, policy makers who will tell us what lies ahead, infrastructure/service providers who will present their solutions, and innovators who will bring in their ideas and their notion of openness.



This year we will not be able to meet in person. But we want to keep the dynamic spirit of our community shown aleady in Porto and Athens.

So, in keeping with our aim to bring people together, we will develop a new program to bring us together virtually. The virtual program will be shortened to reduce the screen time and to remain dynamic, but will span in more days so we can cover the topics we care.


Online registration is now open

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