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Jonathan Tennant - ScienceOpen


MyScienceOpen is a professional networking platform fit for a modern research environment. With over 32 million article records, the primary function of ScienceOpen is as an advanced search and discovery interface. Layered on top of this, ScienceOpen enables any user to share, comment, post-publication peer review, recommend, and export citations for any article record. This functionality is integrated with ORCID, CrossRef, and Creative Commons to become an efficient and integrated platform for researchers.

MyScienceOpen builds on top of these tools by adding a suite of new ways to measure and visualise researcher impact. Interactive visualisations of an author’s total readers, article citations, and Altmetric scores for all publications through time provide a way of tracking research usage. The addition of non-specialist summaries is a great addition for articles, which users can dynamically track the impact of. Users gain the ability to communicate with new and diverse audiences, while increasing their research accessibility at the point of discovery. All of this is placed into the context of our research article network, and users can track their publications, journals, co-authors, referenced articles, and citations through this.

MyScienceOpen provides the missing link for research workflows between content discovery, management, processing, and evaluation. Value is added to research as a community process, and is a great way to build the online profiles of early career researchers.

Open Science, Altmetrics, Platform, Peer review

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