EOSC - Use Case Austria. Research Libraries taking leadership in forming digital research infrastructures on a national scale

Authors & Affiliation

Barbara Sanchez Solis, Paolo Budroni and Raman Ganguly - EOSC


Austria’s commitment to national, European, and international research data management (RDM) initiatives has been characterized from the start by active collaboration between academic research libraries and information technology departments. Time and again this socio-technical partnership has demonstrated a powerful capacity to respond to creative challenges across a broad range of digital projects and services, leading in both strategy and implementation. By developing visionary digital ecosystems, emphasizing sustainable outcomes, and leveraging existing expertise with complex knowledge infrastructures and large-scale project management, Austria’s collaborative approach to RDM will continue to play a critical role in the emergence of national and international digital research capacity.

Currently, there are nine national publicly funded collaborative projects in Austria that support the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science. Each of these projects complies with the requirements of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Together they provide the foundation for an ambitious new networking initiative, called “Use Case Austria (UCA—EOSC)”, which aims to develop, by creating collaborative opportunities with ministry representatives and technical infrastructure providers, a best practices model for any national implementation of the EOSC.

Our poster profiles the nine Austrian projects within the framework of UCA—EOSC, analysing the various ways in which they contribute to the EOSC layers of governance, services, and infrastructure. The profiles can serve as basis for further development of existing e-infrastructure projects, as well as the emergence new RDM policies and strategies for key stakeholder groups: academic libraries, research communities, research support services, funders (including the private sector), and investors as ministries.

Tags: Open Science RDM EOSC



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