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Consocio Madroño's OpenDMP instance to support machine actionable and FAIR DMPs in Spain

  • September 26 |
  • 14:15 |
  • Demo Session |
  • Sala de Protocolo Nouvel

In the Madrid region of Spain, Consorcio Madroño ( has been actively supporting research and innovation (R&I) for twenty five years. Madroño Consortium has six universities: UAH, UAM, UC3M, UNED, UPM and URJC .
The OpenDMP production instance URL is https://pgd.consorciomadrono.es is our old dmp roadmpap instance. It is active yet but it is not usable to create new plans, only to edit and access to the old ones.. Since then, the rapidly changing landscape in RDM, boosted also by the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), contributed to new DMP standards (RDA DMP Common Standard, software management plans, etc) and advancements towards machine actionability. To capture those in the Spanish R&I ecosystem, Consorcio Madroño decided to migrate to the OpenDMP software as the solution for dynamic and automated data management planning. OpenDMP was jointly developed by OpenAIRE and EUDAT, and is the software behind OpenAIRE’s ARGOS ( DMP service. Hence, OpenAIRE supported the transition to OpenDMP, among other things, by building a migration mechanism for DMPs and users to get all information from PGDOnline and by customising features, such as for publishing DMPs to the Consorcio Madroño’s repository. Today, the efforts of Consorcio Madroño continue with more service integrations with the new DMP platform to cultivate an interlinked RDM web.

The demo is about Consorcio Madroño's OpenDMP instance ( that is available in the Madrid region for Universities to create their own machine actionable templates and researchers to use them to write and publish DMPs as FAIR outputs. The demo will be split into two sections focusing on the following stakeholder groups:

a. Librarians and data stewards: to walk them through the process and the features available to create machine actionable templates in the platform, such as the collection of inputs (e.g. open-ended, multiple selection, tables, upload images) and APIs (e.g. publications, data, metadata, repositories).

b. Researchers: to train them in writing and publishing FAIR DMPs with the new platform.

Organisations involved


  • Elli Papadopoulou

    Elli has an M.Sc. in Public Policy and Public Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a B.Sc. in Library Science and Information Systems from the International Hellenic University. She is certified in Research Data Management and in services management of the FiTSM standard. Elli has held positions in international academic and research environments, such as the Library of the University of Bath, UK and the Information Service of CERN, CH. Since 2017, she works for ATHENA Research & Innovation Center in Greece, where she coordinates the activities of the OpenAIRE Greek NOAD and manages the Argos Data Management Planning service. In the Greek research area, Elli has helped with preparatory work and coordination of 13 major Research Technology and Development (RTD) organisations who have come together under a shared vision and produced their collective proposal for a National Open Science Plan in Greece. Parts of this proposal have been transposed to the national digital strategy 2020-2025 of the Ministry of Digital Governance. Moreover, Elli is sharing her passion for Open Science and Research Data Management through in-kind contribution in several fora, such as the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), The Carpentries and the Research Data Alliance (RDA). In RDA, she is the co-chair of the Active Data Management Plans Interest Group, the Early Career Engagement Interest Group (IG) and the Engaging Researchers with Data Management IG where she has contributed to the output “Engaging Researchers with Data Management: The Cookbook”.  More about Elli’s scientific contributions can be found in her ORCID account 0000-0002-0893-8509. Blogposts highlighting her contribution in OpenAIRE can be browsed at
  • Juan Corrales Correyero

  • Fernando Gonzalez Ballesteros

    About the service


    PGDonline is an open extensible service that simplifies the management, validation, monitoring and maintenance and of Data Management Plans. It allows actors (researchers, managers, supervisors etc...