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The user experience in EOSC Portal: How to access and use resources through the Marketplace.

Sept 21, 18.00 CEST
Sept 22, 12.30 CEST

Libraries, research administrators, Open Science Infrastructure providers, funders

Collaborative platforms for all research artifacts, Infrastructures and services for citizen science, Interoperability across domains and services, Rules of Participation in EOSC

EOSC Portal, User experience, Research resources

The EOSC Portal is a building block of the EOSC implementation roadmap, representing one of the expected “federating core” services contributing to the implementation of the “Access and interface” action line. It has been conceived to provide a European delivery channel connecting the demand-side and the supply-side of EOSC and its different stakeholders.
The EOSC Portal is a gateway to information and resources in EOSC, providing updates on its governance and players, the projects contributing to its realisation, funding opportunities for EOSC stakeholders, relevant European and national policies, documents, and recent developments. The EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace acts as an entry point to the multitude of services and resources for researchers.
The Marketplace is an integrated platform that allows easy access to resources from top European providers for various research domains along with integrated data analytics tools.
This demo will offer an overview of the user experience, improved within the EOSC Enhance project, and a tutorial on how to use the main features and functionalities to exploit a growing number of resources available to researchers.


Andrzej Bacz, Cyfronet
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