Quicker, user-driven open-access publishing with eLife Continuum

Authors & Affiliation

Emily Packer, Naomi Penfold and Paul Shannon - eLife


eLife Continuum is our open-source platform of services and applications to help publishers do more with everything they publish – not just research articles. We’ve built the platform in a modular fashion from the ground up, so that it can be adjusted to each journal’s individual needs to deliver scholarly content to the highest standards in design and usability, while also providing machine-readable versions and lowering publishing costs. Our aim is for eLife Continuum to be community-maintained and constantly evolving, and available as a self-hosted integration, or as a service provider-hosted solution for organisations that want to get up and running more quickly.

The services and applications on the eLife Continuum platform currently include a post-production publishing system, a full front-end user-interface (UI) pattern suite, eLife Lens Reader, API, and search and recommendation engines. Additional components will be announced over the coming months. For publishers, eLife Continuum offers the ability to publish faster and continuously and to reduce page download times. You can see our own recent upgrade of the eLife Continuum front-end in action at https://elifesciences.org.

We invite other publishers and developers to explore the eLife Continuum platform as a holistic or modular solution to complement their existing technologies. We look forward to the Open Science Fair as an opportunity to learn more about what others are developing, how our solutions may be integrated and shared, and to discuss the most potent needs for future development. More information is available at https://developers.elifesciences.org.

Tags: Open Access, Scholarly Communication open source



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