Alexandros Koukovinis


Mr. Koukovinis graduated from the Department of Pedagogy for Primary Education and is a postgraduate student in Educational Technology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of University of Athens. He started working in 2012 at promotion and public relations companies In 2013 he worked at Media Markt headquarters in the communications and customers’ service department while at the same time he was a researcher in European projects for the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Since 2016 he’s been working for Science View where he manages and implements European projects, he participates in the production team of “Science Views” monthly bulletin and he is also responsible for Science View’s websites and social media.



Nucleus H2020 EU project

Are you ready to perform in the rri ecosystem



a) Exercise different ways of collaboration, when it comes to understand how Responsible Research and Innovation is communicated and performed.
b) Learn techniques that come from the theatrical field to facilitate dialogues and encounters between different stakeholders.


RRI is everywhere, but what does it really mean to be embedded in a living environment of diverse interests and expectations? How will you relate to demanding stakeholders around you, ranging from academia to economy, from civil society to policy makers or media?

The session will collaboratively create a dynamic role-play, involving you into a mutual learning process. The stage and storyline will be based on the NUCLEUS project- defining universities as “cells”, living organisms forming clusters with other cells around them. Each participant will personify these “cells”, striving to create a productive metabolism between the main cell universities and other cells forming a cluster. We will use cards and other methodologies to start conversations about the ways to be a better “cell”-cluster. Participants will have better chances to discover their best collaborative ways, thanks to a new understanding of some of the mechanisms that happen in real life while bringing RRI into practice.

DAY 1 - 17:30

Theatrical workshop: Are you ready to perform in the RRI ecosystem?

See full programme here.

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