Mappet Walker


A Programme, Project Manager, and Software Engineer, by discipline, Mappet is responsible for Planning and Projects at Frontier Media in Switzerland. In OpenMinTED, she leads the development of use cases in Archaeology, Research Impact, and Health State Modelling. In OpenUP she leads the innovation discussions on Research Impact.
Mappet has solid international experience in consulting, project and program management, software development, testing, migration, and deployment of enterprise solutions in banking, telecommunications, and the oil and gas industry. She is a LEAN practitioner integrating the methodology, capability maturity models and business process management in day to day operations.


Impact Data Services on the Cloud


Impact metrics have a strong influence on the scientific community, affecting the assessment of institutions of higher education and
research. In this situation, it is essential that the methods used to calculate metrics should be transparent, and reproducible and that their integrity should be auditable, and beyond question.

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the potential impact on the market. Open Access repositories, research data repositories, and publisher platforms are not standardized. But they are an important complement to other (traditional and alternative) bibliometric indicators to provide a comprehensive and recent view of the impact of scholarly resources. In particular, use data from non-traditional output types are available on the Internet. A key challenge is to achieve a similar, consistent, standards-based usage across different platforms Web resources or files and the use of resources among different repositories.

This workshop combines three thematic blocks:

  • Motivations and outcomes from the European Commission Expert Group on Altmetrics report on "Next-generation metrics" report
  • Current usage statistics initiatives (OpenAIRE, IRUS-UK): services standardization efforts
  • Opportunity for an Impact Data Services Cloud (OpenUp)

The presentation builds on the results of the OpenUP landscape scan, and an analysis of how research results are measured today, the limitations of current approaches, and a proposed solution: a new platform for Open Metrics that gives users the information they need to understand and reproduce current metrics, to create and share their own metrics of research output and to take account of research outputs (e.g. data, code, laboratory equipment, animals, cell-lines, research protocols).


Open metrics on the cloud

See full programme here.

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