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TDM: unlocking a goldmine of information

Organisers: OpenMinTeD: Natalia Manola and Stelios Piperidis /Athena Reseach & Innovation Centre, Thomas Margoni /Univ. of Glasgow, Martine Oudenhoven/LIBER
Duration: 3 hours
Text and Data Mining (TDM)  is a natural ‘next step’ in open science. It can lead to new and unexpected discoveries and increase the impact of publications and repositories. This workshop showcases examples of successful TDM and infrastructural solutions for researchers. We will also discuss what is needed to make most of infrastructures and how publishers and repositories can open up their content.

Workshop abstract

In open science, the first step is to make publications and data openly available. Once it is truly openly available, it opens the way for text and data mining to make new discoveries. In relevance to scholarly content, there is a huge amount of text, containing lots of patterns and unexpected connections that are still hidden. If these connections and patterns were uncovered, this could lead to new discoveries, for instance in medicine, agriculture, social sciences or humanities. Text and data mining can reveal these treasures.

The workshop is divided into two parts that can be attended both, or you can pick one of them. The first part showcases successful TDM initiatives and infrastructures and a demo of a TDM platform. The second part consists of campfire sessions and focuses on how to open up content for TDM. Settle down in front of the fire and talk about overcoming differences between publishers and repositories, the steps of connecting content to a TDM platform and legal issues and assistance.


Part 1 (14:00-15:30): Applications of TDM

The first half of the workshop will address text and data mining (TDM) platforms, both public and commercial, for research related results. They will present architectures, solutions, barriers and lessons learnt, both on the technical and legal levels.

Part 2 (16:00-17:30): Content and legal TDM issues

The second part will initiate the conversation about incentives for content providers to hook up to emerging TDM platforms/infrastructures, on the concrete steps they need to take and on the legal questions related to opening up content.

To raise awareness on the potential of TDM and of particular efforts in the research domain, to provide knowledge on how to overcome/bypass legal barriers, and to draft the first steps in a roadmap towards widely adopted implementations.

Workshop overview

Workshop report



Content providers (publishers, libraries/repositories), TDM service providers, Researchers, Industry, Policy makers.


DAY 2 - 14:00 PARALLEL SESSION 4 (14:00) & 5 (16:00)

See full programme here

TDM, Text and Data Mining, open content, Open Data Services, Platform, EC copyright reform, innovation