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Open Metrics on the Cloud

Organisers: Mappet Walker - Frontiers, Jochen Schirrwagen  - University of Bielefeld, Dimitris Pierrakos - Athena Research and Innovation Center, Ross MacIntyre - Jisc IRUS-UK, Joseph Greene, University College Dublin
Duration: 1.5 hours

Impact metrics have a strong influence on the scientific community, affecting the assessment of institutions of higher education and research as well as decisions concerning who gets promoted or hired, who receives grants, and who publishes where. In this situation, it is essential that the methods used to calculate metrics should be transparent, and reproducible and that their integrity should be auditable, and beyond question. This workshop will discuss the limitations of current systems and platforms, presenting a use case from Usage Statistics platform, and the recommendations of creating an open platform for Impact Data.

Open Science Monitor

Organisers: OpenAIRE, EOSCpilot, Jisc, DANS
Duration: 1.5 hour
Which are the measurable components of Open Science? How do  we build a trustworthy, global open science monitor?  This workshop will discuss a potential framework to measure Open Science, including the path from the publishing of an open policy (registries of policies and how these are represented or machine read), to the use of open methodologies, and the opening up of research results, their recording and  measurement.