Research Assessment

Panelists: Bernard Rentier (Chair) - Rector Emeritus of University of Liège, Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch - Head of Research Affairs at Science Europe, Bregt Saenen - Policy and Project Officer at the European University Association, Frank Miedema - Vice Rector for Research at Utrecht University and chair of the Utrecht University Open Science Program, Pastora Martinez Samper - Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation at the Open University of Catalonia, Expert group on Open Science of the European University Association
Duration: 1.5 hr
Room: Archive Hall

Current research assessment systems, heavily based on publication metrics, and often relying on indirect or journal-based metrics (like Journal Impact Factor) to assess the quality and impact of individual publications, are being growingly considered as one of the most important barriers to the adoption of Open Science by the research community. New, more accurate, comprehensive, multi-dimensional, transparent and responsible approaches and tools for research evaluation are needed to support the transition to Open Science and to improve the quality of assessment. This has been recognised by many universities and other stakeholders (e.g. the report by the European Commission Working Group on Rewards under Open Science).

In this panel, jointly organized by Open Science Fair and the European University Association (EUA), the results of EUA’s Europe-wide university consultation on research assessment for recruitment and career progression, as well as some innovative efforts to improve current approaches from European universities and research funders will be presented and discussed.



17th September, 09:00

See full programme here.

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